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Chocolate Hemisphere

Chocolate Hemisphere

Chocolate Hemisphere

Chocolate Hemisphere – By Edible Ideas


Maximum Strength / 500mg Chocolate Truffles

Delicious and large chocolate Hemi 500’s. Available in Orange, Mint, Peanut Butter, and Raspberry. Potent and decadent chocolate truffles. Available now at Mercy Wellness.

500mg THC / 9g Dry Cannabis

WT (Hybrid Strain) Approx 32mg CBD – Net WT: 32oz/84g

Ingredients: Chocolate liqueur, butter cream, glucose, soy lechithin, pure vanilla, all natural flavors, citric acid, and solvent free cannabis extract.img_2104

Comments (4)

  1. Richard Jones
    Nov 2, 2016

    Can you tell me what Doctor I can see for a medical prescription card? I suffer from Parkinson’s and I hope this would help me

    • Dec 21, 2016

      Hello, there is an office in Santa Rosa we like to recommend called Compassionate Health, their number is (877)-776-7215. There you can call and make an appointment or walk in and they will be able to help you get a medical recommendation.

  2. Rón
    Nov 11, 2016

    Can you now sell recreational-use products? I’m over 21 and a former patient.

    • Dec 21, 2016

      Hello, Mercy will remain a medical prop 215 dispensary, so you will still require medical recommendation to become a member with us

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