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Miracle Releaf

Miracle Releaf

Miracle Releaf

Superior Chemistry & Premium Ingredients


MIRACLE RELEAF is a revolutionary nano delivery line of CBD and THC rich serums. Our precise sublingual dosing bypasses the digestive system. MIRACLE RELEAF avoids the GI tract and liver where normal dilution and waste occurs in other traditional medicinal cannabis products.

The science behind our microencapsulated cannabis oil rapidly delivers CBD and THC directly into the bloodstream and past the brain blood barrier. Soy allergen, gluten free and safe for diabetics. This product contains extracted oils that are carefully cultivated and harvested from trusted sources. All batches are lab tested and screened for contaminants like pesticides and microbes.

Superior chemistry and premium ingredients make this groundbreaking product work better, faster, and stronger than traditional tinctures. THR Technologies™ improved liposomal technology with smaller, more stable, single layer spheres, which are the basic building blocks of cell membranes. MIRACLE RELEAF penetrates body tissue and cells for maximum absorption.

The Science


CBD Rich Serums


Our CBD-rich formulas are more concentrated in cannabidiol (CBD), which is recommended for introductory consumers who have never used our product or other cannabis products. Attain results with minimal to no euphoric ‘high’ often associated with medical cannabis. Our CDB product has three times the effect with only half the dose.


1:1 Serum


Our 1:1 Serum epitomizes the natural balance found between CBD and THC. Developed in equal parts to each other. Recommended for intermediate patients who have some experience with THC.



THC Rich Serums


Our THC-rich formulas are beautifully crafted and uniquely designed. Recommended for the advanced user. While THC is a psychoactive compound – It’s important to note that due to our nano-delivery technology, our THC product has twice the effect with only half the dose.



For more information, please visit: www.miracle-releaf.com

Comments (6)

  1. Dave
    Aug 25, 2017

    I”m having health issues with plantar fasciitis in one foot and a pulled muscle on my lower back. Are the CBD serums effective in treating these?

    • Oct 15, 2017

      Yes, CBD has been known to help physical and muscular pain, especially in a ratio (such as 1:1) with some THC to really dull the nerve pain.

  2. Tonya
    Aug 30, 2017

    Can you add this oil to an e cigarette

    • Oct 15, 2017

      No, this product is delivered through the cell walls and should not be vaporized or smoked.

  3. Jonathan Velazquez
    Oct 2, 2017

    I live in los Angeles (zip 90064). Can you tell me what dispensaries carry your nano sublingual sprays? That delivery tech looks fantastic! And I do have my doctors rec.

    Thank you, Jonathan Velazquez

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